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Succession Planning- 3 Tools To Achieve it

In India, many businesses, big or small, are on the verge of succession. The generation which has set up and managed their business with a lot of hard work is now retiring and surely the reins are going to pass on to the hands of next generation. But succession planning is easier said than done. […]

Understanding Role of An Executor In Your Will

Indian succession laws are not straight and many a time they are not what you want. A Will surely do resolve many issues of your succession. It ensures your wish of your wealth distribution is known to your loved ones at your death. But it’s not a one-day affair. There will be many institutions where […]

Estate Planning With Private Trust- Part 3

This part of the article covers aspects on dissolution of private trust, concept of a living trust, a checklist for trust creation and situations where creation of a trust can be really helpful. Read through the last and final part of the series on private trust creation.

Estate Planning With Private Trust-Part 2

Taxation of Private Trust Although there is a lot of consideration before a private trust can be created one very important element which is required to be addressed is the taxation. The primary reason is that income of a private trust is taxed differently in different structures and any ineffective planning can lead to maximization […]

Estate Planning With Private Trust – Part 1

Much like a Will, a trust is also a very effective tool for estate planning. A creation of Trust benefits in many  situations where an individual wish to decide who control the assets and who benefits from them not only when they are alive but also when they are no more. Many Indian families are […]

Retirement Bring These Concerns

When we say we wish to retire now then it may not necessarily mean complete retirement from work. Many of us may want to reduce the hectic work schedule we are following for so many years. In fact it is always difficult for any of us to suddenly rest at home from the next day […]

Estate Planning Issues With Special Needs Children Families

While leaving a legacy for your loved ones special needs children families have much higher concerns. Considering the support required by the special needs child and requirement for other family members, especially when there is a second child, the absence of an effective estate plan can throw up many challenges. The living expenses of the […]