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Succession Planning- 3 Tools To Achieve it

In India, many businesses, big or small, are on the verge of succession. The generation which has set up and managed their business with a lot of hard work is now retiring and surely the reins are going to pass on to the hands of next generation. But succession planning is easier said than done. […]

Estate Planning With Private Trust- Part 3

This part of the article covers aspects on dissolution of private trust, concept of a living trust, a checklist for trust creation and situations where creation of a trust can be really helpful. Read through the last and final part of the series on private trust creation.

Tips on Estate Plan for Small Business Owners

Small businesses are run as a one man show or with few co-owners. There are many transition issues which small business owners have to face. Many a times the next generation is inexperienced and if there is a sudden death of the owner, the continuity of business is in jeopardy. If there is no Will […]

Why A Nomination Is Not Your Estate Plan?

A Nomination in your financial assets holds good for your estate distribution. After your demise, the institution will transfer the asset to the Nominee if you have appointed one.  In the absence, the asset will be distributed according to the Will, if you have written one. But if there is no Will, the process of […]