How To Plan Your 
Retirement at Various Life Stages?

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Your financial well-being depends on how well you are managing your finances. Money management as we say is an integral part of your complete life and there are various elements to it. You cannot achieve financial success if any of the element remains unaddressed. Ideally, your financial plan should include managing your cash flows, debt, investments planning, […]

Why Chasing One Asset Class Is Bad?

When you look at returns of asset classes individually then each one of it is fascinating. Many investors get lured to such fascinating returns and start chasing that asset class. Just look at gold which delivered 25-30% returns from 2008-2011

New Investors – Beware From Miss-selling !!

When you are a first-time investor you may get attracted to a lot of advertisement/hoardings/sales pitch where you are shown high returns. Any investment with such euphoria ends up with  more painful experience than satisfaction.

Why Invest In Mid Cap Equity Funds?

Among various categories from equity mutual funds, mid cap has its own charm. This category is able to deliver very high returns when markets are doing well. These fascinating returns are what make investors go for them. But on the other side, they also get the most of the beating when markets are otherwise in […]

Managing Downside Risk of Your Investments

A downside protection is more important for success of any investment portfolio. Simply because if your investments falls more than your underline avenues, you may need to double/triple your returns to bring it again into positive territory. However, while investing, we lay more thrust on maximization of returns. The past returns become the parameters in […]

How Taxation affect returns from Fixed Deposits

With the interest rate cycle at its peak, fixed deposits are offering excellent interest rates. But taxation plays a major role in netting your returns. That is what I had written about in my article in