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How GST Impacts Your Money?

With Goods and Services Tax (GST) we have now entered into one of the most historic years. The pain of multiple taxations is passe now. Hon. Prime Minister in his speech has named this new change as Gud and Simple Tax. Right so if we consider the uniformity of taxation. Any change in Taxation will bring […]

How Your Insurance Proposal Can Be Ruined?

Vikrant bought an insurance policy in 2009 which he wanted to surrender now. He submitted his request to the company and got the proceeds in few days. But when he showed it to the tax expert he was in a shock that the insurance policy was actually of post-2012 date and the policy does not […]

Why 1st October’16 Is Good for Investors?

Come 1st October 2016 and you will witness 2 big changes – Mutual Funds Commission Disclosure and E-Insurance. These two changes will change the way these two industries work. First, it is mutual funds where the commission of  distributors will get disclosed to their clients.

New Investors – Beware From Miss-selling !!

When you are a first-time investor you may get attracted to a lot of advertisement/hoardings/sales pitch where you are shown high returns. Any investment with such euphoria ends up with  more painful experience than satisfaction.

Ask Us: Misconceptions In Online Term Insurance

I have received numerous queries on online term insurance and every query seems to suggest that there is some confusion regarding this product. Most buyers are not very clear on the process and there is a good amount of apprehension on the claim settlement. Many agents too participate in spreading the confusion, knowingly or unknowingly, […]

What Charges You Pay In ULIPs?

As equity market is rising ULIPs are again gaining some attraction. The insurance industry is also pushing with these products especially after new regulation.  Although the new ULIPs are launched with rules set in 2010 by  IRDA,  largely these products have been sold on three important  elements- High Returns,  High Liquidity and Combo of investment cum […]

Why Disability Risk Can’t Be Ignored?

While people often cover the risks to life and health, there is hardly any importance given to risk of disability. Most perceive this risk to occur only because of accidents. Since the number of survivors in accidents is low, the risk of disability is also considered to be low. As a result, when individuals plan […]