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Know Income Tax When Transfer Money To Wife

Transferring money to spouse account is a common practice which we all of us do. Be it for monthly expenditures or gifting or for any other purpose the money transfer is without any hassle. Till now giving money to your spouse in cash was more common. But with digitization thrust and discouraging cash transactions, even […]

3 Ways You Can Transfer Your Property

There can be many situations when you wish to transfer or give away your ownership in a property. As a parent you would like to gift the property to your children so that you can see them enjoying it in your lifetime or it can be a gift to them on the occasion of their marriage. At […]

Gift Tax – Who Pays and Who Is Exempted ?

Gifts Tax Act was introduced in India firts time in 1958 as gifts can be a big source of money laundering if there are no limits. But this tax was abolished in 1998. Realizing the misuse it was introduced again in 2004 thus making gifting a taxable transaction under head “Income From Other Sources“. So […]