How To Plan Your 
Retirement at Various Life Stages?

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Your financial well-being depends on how well you are managing your finances. Money management as we say is an integral part of your complete life and there are various elements to it. You cannot achieve financial success if any of the element remains unaddressed. Ideally, your financial plan should include managing your cash flows, debt, investments planning, […]

Why Emotions Should Not Rule Finances?

The financial decisions we take has a lot of emotions attached to them. Be it a first house or a first car, new member in the family or even our own retirement, the emotional aspect is always behind the first thought. Although in financial planning your financial situations have a larger say you cannot rule […]

Managing Your Money Just Got Simplified

The Diaries and Excel have been the popular means of managing your money. Where tech savvy prefer keeping it in excel the majority of us still uses the traditional ways of keeping our financial records in diaries. But that’s not the case with Gen Y who want paperless ways of doing things. Managing money also […]

Note These Changes For FY 2015-2016

We are now in April 2015 and most of us would have started planning for the year ahead. We will go through lot many changes as the budget and other provisions gets implemented which may bring change in our cash flows. If it results in any increase in our expenses then we will have to review […]

How 2014 Sets for Your Finances in 2015?

It’s time when we are preparing to celebrate the New Year 2015. Some of us have already booked for parties while some of us will plan to have family get together at home. Each one of us have our own way of celebrating. But all of us would be making some new resolutions to make our […]

Why Financial Planning Need Is Higher For Women?

In most households women leave the personal finance matters to men. From managing investments to taking big financial decisions such as buying a house, availing loans etc. men’s have the final say. Very less thought is given by this section of society on planning for themselves. However, the lives of men and women differ in […]