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Succession Planning- 3 Tools To Achieve it

In India, many businesses, big or small, are on the verge of succession. The generation which has set up and managed their business with a lot of hard work is now retiring and surely the reins are going to pass on to the hands of next generation. But succession planning is easier said than done. […]

Understanding Role of An Executor In Your Will

Indian succession laws are not straight and many a time they are not what you want. A Will surely do resolve many issues of your succession. It ensures your wish of your wealth distribution is known to your loved ones at your death. But it’s not a one-day affair. There will be many institutions where […]

Why Emotions Should Not Rule Finances?

The financial decisions we take has a lot of emotions attached to them. Be it a first house or a first car, new member in the family or even our own retirement, the emotional aspect is always behind the first thought. Although in financial planning your financial situations have a larger say you cannot rule […]

What If You Die Without A Will?

When you die leaving behind a Will you ensure that your assets are distributed as per your wishes. Barring few financial assets such as shares, a Will prevails over the nomination. By writing a Will you also ensure that the probability of disputes among your family members is reduced and  your heirs don’t have to go through the lengthy procedures […]

Estate Planning Through Trust

Be it transferring your wealth to your next generation or succession of a business, a  trust structures helps in meeting these objectives very efficiently. Although a trust formation is situation based, it has some inherent advantage when compared to other legal forms available for estate planning. When a Trust is Created? There are many situations […]