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High On Debt! Bankruptcy Protection Law Is Coming

According to bankruptcy attorney last year government passed the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law in both houses of parliament for corporates. 3 days ago the discussion started to bring the Bankruptcy Protection Law for individuals. Rightly so as many surveys now reveal that Indians are moving to high debt situations where many are not far from bankruptcy. […]

Why Chasing One Asset Class Is Bad?

When you look at returns of asset classes individually then each one of it is fascinating. Many investors get lured to such fascinating returns and start chasing that asset class. Just look at gold which delivered 25-30% returns from 2008-2011

What Should Be Your Investment Portfolio Mix?

Virender has been in confusion over the last few years. He has an investment portfolio heavy on real estate which is not doing good now. So he wants to change his allocation by including more assets. But as he read and met few advisors he got a wide view on what asset allocation he should […]

10 Thing To Do When Out Of Debt Crisis

There can be different reasons which would have leaded you into heavy debt situation. To come out from it was not an easy task for you and so it was a long stressful situation in which you would have lived. But what happens when you get out from such a debt situation. Did you start […]

How To Manage A Debt Crisis?

Rather go to bed with out dinner than to rise in debt Benjamin Franklin This statement has high meaning in our life. A large debt make you more stressed, sometimes you are threatened and you no longer can take higher risk. You are always worried about your family financial future as uncertainties in employment can jeopardize your debt […]

Tips To Manage Your Debt

Managing your debt is a key element for your financial well-being. Security of your  financial future rest on how well you are able to manage your loans and debt. Easy availability of finance and peer pressure can force you to live a life which is beyond your means. The life at this end may look easy and […]