How To Plan Your 
Retirement at Various Life Stages?

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Why Chasing One Asset Class Is Bad?

When you look at returns of asset classes individually then each one of it is fascinating. Many investors get lured to such fascinating returns and start chasing that asset class. Just look at gold which delivered 25-30% returns from 2008-2011

What Should Be Your Investment Portfolio Mix?

Virender has been in confusion over the last few years. He has an investment portfolio heavy on real estate which is not doing good now. So he wants to change his allocation by including more assets. But as he read and met few advisors he got a wide view on what asset allocation he should […]

Why Prefer Mutual Funds For Retirement?

With the increase in longevity, the concern of retirement years has increased. If not saved enough then there are chances that you may outlive your accumulated assets. This will jeopardize the  later years of life when you will need these assets the most. Hence, having a good retirement tool to accumulate good corpus is highly […]

The Core & Satellite Approach for Asset Allocation

A core and satellite is a time tested technique for designing an investment portfolio for meeting your objectives. The approach is based on selecting different investment avenues catering to long term and short term requirements. By using this strategy one can bring discipline to the investments along with a roadmap for reaching the financial goals.  However, […]

Diversification – Allocate your Assets

Rahul is a very aggressive investor . Unmarried and no liabilities, he has been allocating all his savings in equities. Although reads a lot on personal finance but nowhere he wants to left behind in creating a huge wealth for himself in a short period. Rahul case is no different than ours. When it comes […]