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1.  How do you conduct Financial Planning?

We do a holistic financial planning covering major aspects of personal finance such as cash flow management, insurance, investment, taxes etc. It can cover certain aspects in specific also. In general we follow following steps in our financial planning process-

1) An in-depth review of your current situation

2) Identifying your destination i.e. Identifying your financial goals

3) Creating a blueprint that shows how best you can achieve your goals and objectives.

 2.  How do you create the personalized blueprint?

Step1. We do an in depth analysis of your current financial situation. This analysis involves your goals identification, objectives, your priorities and value which matters you the most. These goals can be intermediate such as buying a car in next six months or long term such as retirement. Then there are dreams which you aspire to achieve such as writing a book or going for international vacation, leaving a legacy for your children and others. There may also be situations where you might just be starting your career or are in a middle of it. You may have drawn a roadmap but need strategies, professional views to fine tune your plan. What may be you unique situation, you need a detailed assessment of your financial plan. Our in-depth analysis of your current situation helps in achieving this objective.

Step 2. Once we have analyzed your current situation then we go on carving a road-map which makes you aware on how you will reach your destination. Whether you need to focus on cash flows, investment strategies, estate planning matters or there are tax issues which need to be resolved, this steep identify the gaps and assist you in bridging those through well researched strategies. You receive a customized plan which is linked to your unique situation only.

Step 3. The plan is implemented by you and we do a periodic assessment or monitoring to ensure that the Plan is in total equivalence to what was envisaged.

2. Who can benefit most from your services

We do not have any minimum criteria such as Salary, Networth, etc. and serve people at all income level. We engage with clients from all walks of life i.e. whether seeking a one-time consultation or a second opinion as well those who are seeking ongoing coaching and monitoring for a longer period. We have specific financial education programs for organizations which helps them in providing quality and unbiased advice to their employees.


3. You say ‘Fee- Only Financial Planning”? How it benefits me?

When we say fee only financial planning, it means we are paid only by our clients. We do advise on all financial products i.e. insurance, mutual funds, bonds, small savings etc… but do not sell them directly nor do we have any associations for such business. Thus, we do not earn any commissions or there is no other income which is hidden. For you, this removes the possibility of any conflict of interest which can arise from compensation issues. The other benefit you derive from our “Fee-Only Financial Planning” is that it makes us deliver advice by analyzing the best alternatives, from the available, which suits your unique situation. This ensures you receive a true and independent advice.  We believe that for anyone seeking true financial planning, it’s important that you know how your financial planner is compensated. This will give you a good knowledge on what kind of advice will be delivered to you.

 5. Ok, I understood the  benefits of working with a Fee-Only financial planner, but how will I buy those financial products which is recommended to me?

Now, most financial products are available online. Be it mutual funds, term insurance and even bank deposits, you have a convenience of investing them at your place only. What’s benefit you is that investing online is cheaper and that’s what we recommend for purchase. We assist our clients in implementing our recommendations. If still you seek, we can always direct you to appropriate contacts so that you can implement them on your own. Thus we not only recommend to you but assist, whether little or more, in purchasing financial products.

 4. Do you provide only detailed financial planning?

No. We have other services also in our arena which you can avail based on your specific needs. But we believe a detailed financial planning provides the greatest benefit and our service are highly flexible which not only help you in managing your financial well-being but also enhances your awareness towards your own personal finance.


6.  What is the scope of your advice on investments and financial planning?

With regards to investments our advice covers majority of avenues which include mutual funds, bonds, small savings schemes, tax benefits, etc.. Among these the investment advice is related more to your unique financial situation.

In financial planning the advice is very holistic and detailed which covers personal finance elements such as cash flow management, loans/debt management, education planning, insurance planning, investment, retirement planning and all other which are related to your money matters. To ensure you have a good understanding of personal finance matters, we ensure we take you through counselling sessions, have timely guidance and access to appropriate resources.

Apart from these we have not laid any restriction on any client coming to us whenever they have major life event changes. So if you switch your job, added a new family member, taking a big decision such as buying a house, or you want to fulfill your entrepreneurship dream, you can always seek our advice. If you sign up for our ongoing services, we will be there for answering your  queries.

Lastly, through our smaller engagement services, we deliver financial education for people who want to learn managing their finances.


7. Is there any obligation to purchase the financial products recommended by you?

No. You don’t have any obligation to buy the recommended products. But what we advise to you is based on your unique financial situation and so in our opinion will have higher probability of meeting your needs and objectives. Before advising any products, we search around for the most viable options for your need. We then recommend you one or more companies which in our view can offer you quality product at competitive prices. Also, we can assist you in implementing what we have advised to you, if you seek so

8. What is your investment philosophy?

We do not believe in short cuts. The asset allocation strategies we design for our clients are based on fundamentals. In general we follow a policy for long term investment and so our investment philosophy hovers around following concepts:

  1. We believe that asset allocation is the key for creating any investment portfolio. By diversifying into different asset classes, one can manage personal risk in investments well. The construction of your investment portfolio should take into account your financial objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity or income requirement or any other such consideration which is unique to your situation. The asset allocation should be done in such a way that you do not get worried about short term market fluctuations.
  2. Our investment philosophy is more inclined to long term investment. If you look at historical performances then even the risk in equities have reduced when you have a longer investment horizon.  Although there is no precise definition for a long term, in our view any investment being done for more than 5 years is long term. Our investing strategies are based on systematic investment as we do not favor market timings where you lose your sleep.
  3. Diversification, in our view, serves you best. A well-balanced portfolio which comprises of low-cost and tax efficient investments have higher probability of meeting your investment objectives by maximizing your resources. Our investments recommendations are based on this criteria.
  4. We believe keeping your investments simple is wiser which you can easily identify from our approach to financial planning.


9. What service you offer to the companies?

We have done many custom-build educational programmes for the corporates where we have educated their employees on personal finance matters. This helps them in taking informed and wiser financial decision.

10. How do you set fees for your financial planning services

Our fees are strictly based on the level of our engagement and decided on basis of  your specific needs and complexity of your situation. You will have complete disclosure on our fees and other areas of services before you sign up any engagement.

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13. Does our relationship ends once my financial plan is completed? 

We have different level of engagement and you can choose to engage us as per your requirement.  Most of our clients choose to engage with us for a longer term where they can have periodic reviews for keeping their financial plan on track and reap long term benefits.


14. How should we start if I want to engage with you? 

We generally hold an initial consultation with all our prospects to understand each other. This is a 60-90 minutes discussion where you can raise any query you have and we can understand more about your requirement. This initial discussion then becomes the basis of deciding how best we can work together.

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