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How GST Impacts Your Money?

With Goods and Services Tax (GST) we have now entered into one of the most historic years. The pain of multiple taxations is passe now. Hon. Prime Minister in his speech has named this new change as Gud and Simple Tax. Right so if we consider the uniformity of taxation. Any change in Taxation will bring […]

Know Income Tax When Transfer Money To Wife

Transferring money to spouse account is a common practice which we all of us do. Be it for monthly expenditures or gifting or for any other purpose the money transfer is without any hassle. Till now giving money to your spouse in cash was more common. But with digitization thrust and discouraging cash transactions, even […]

Why Review Tax Planning In March?

We are on the verge of the end of this financial year i.e. FY 2016-2017.  March is always a significant month in our lives. Many things come to an end where from April we start with new. Be it a promotion in job, children school sessions, our own finances, and others. It’s important then that we do a quick […]

Where To Invest Additional Rs 50000 of Sec 80C?

In Union Budget 2014-2015, honorable finance minister rolled out a gift to taxpayers of this country by introducing additional  deduction of Rs 50000 under Section 80C. This was a good news considering  the income tax benefits were not reviewed for  a long time. Now under Section 80C, Rs 1.5 lakh can be claimed for income […]

3 Ways You Can Transfer Your Property

There can be many situations when you wish to transfer or give away your ownership in a property. As a parent you would like to gift the property to your children so that you can see them enjoying it in your lifetime or it can be a gift to them on the occasion of their marriage. At […]

Options For Tax Saving in Mutual Funds

It’s month of February and  many will be heading towards searching for the last opportunity to identify any investment which can save you tax for this financial year. For salaried the high tax deduction would have happened by now but you still wish to get the refund when filing your returns in July 2015. Mutual […]