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Why Chasing One Asset Class Is Bad?

Chasing One Asset Class Is Bad

When you look at returns of asset classes individually then each one of it is fascinating. Many investors get lured to such fascinating returns and start chasing that asset class. Just look at gold which delivered 25-30% returns from 2008-2011 Continue reading…

Budget 2017- What We Expect?

Union Budget 2017

Budget 2017 is around the corner and all of us are eagerly waiting for it after the demonetization of old Rs.500& Rs. 1000 notes. Lots of expectation are being built up considering the way budget 2017 is being presented. Firstly,  it is preponed to 1st Feb instead of 28th Feb as we have held in the past and secondly the railway budget is now going to be included in the Union Budget 2017. Continue reading…

What Should Be Your Investment Portfolio Mix?

Asset Allocation

Virender has been in confusion over the last few years. He has an investment portfolio heavy on real estate which is not doing good now. So he wants to change his allocation by including more assets. But as he read and met few advisors he got a wide view on what asset allocation he should follow.Friends or relatives have always thrust him to be heavy on real estate while different other views tell him that he should look at his age to invest. Continue reading…

Going Cashless- Weigh Your Options

From the day demonetization of Rs 500 & Rs 1000 notes are announced there have been many tweaks to the rules to meet one objective – Go Cashless.  Surely it’s a big task and cannot be achieved in one day. There are issues to be addressed and infrastructure to be developed. But it also requires […]

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5 Reasons Why You Need A Will Today

A Will is a basic document for any estate plan. Through a Will you ensure effective distribution of your wealth to your loved ones. But it still does not come on the top priority for most of us. The reason can be attributed to certain misconceptions like everything goes to spouse or not having enough assets […]

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How Your Insurance Proposal Can Be Ruined?

Vikrant bought an insurance policy in 2009 which he wanted to surrender now. He submitted his request to the company and got the proceeds in few days. But when he showed it to the tax expert he was in a shock that the insurance policy was actually of post-2012 date and the policy does not […]

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Happy Diwali To All My Readers!!

Dear Readers, Diwali is festival of lights but more enjoyable when we celebrate it with our families, relatives, and friends. Some of us including me who are staying away from the family or parents gets an  opportunity to unite with them and enjoy this festival.

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When Your Retirement Is Scary?

The story of children abandoning their parents in their post-retirement years is quite common today. In one of the incidents I came to know and which actually inspired me to write this article, a known businessman with almost Rs 1000 crore business had given everything to his son in his lifetime only.

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Why 1st October’16 Is Good for Investors?

Come 1st October 2016 and you will witness 2 big changes – Mutual Funds Commission Disclosure and E-Insurance. These two changes will change the way these two industries work. First, it is mutual funds where the commission of  distributors will get disclosed to their clients.

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