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How I Helped ? – The Cost Of Living

Cost Of Living

The Case

Prakash along with his wife approached me for preparing their family financial plan. They have 2 children and Prakash is the only working member. Both the children study in school at Gurgaon. Prakash stays in a rented apartment but has a house in another city which he bought 2 years ago with the help of housing loan. Continue reading…

Why Emotions Should Not Rule Finances?

Emotions In Financial Decisions

The financial decisions we take has a lot of emotions attached to them. Be it a first house or a first car, new member in the family or even our own retirement, the emotional aspect is always behind the first thought. Although in financial planning your financial situations have a larger say you cannot rule out your emotions. Continue reading…

New Investors – Beware From Miss-selling !!

New Investor

When you are a first-time investor you may get attracted to a lot of advertisement/hoardings/sales pitch where you are shown high returns. Any investment with such euphoria ends up with  more painful experience than satisfaction. Continue reading…

How I Helped ?- Double Income

How I Helped: Is a series of real life situations which I am starting today. Here I will present you 2 real life cases every week in 500-700 words. This series will show you what financial issues can arise and what you learn from these  situations.

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What Is House Affordability All About?

Recently there was a report by HDFC Housing on affordability in real estate i.e. whether the home prices have reached to a situation where they are affordable by large middle class. The report mentioned that although the housing prices are higher the affordability of middle class has increased for buying a house.

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How To Save More Money?

Frequently I get calls from individuals asking this question- How should I save money?. Many of them started with a lucrative career but after a while, they find it difficult to generate enough surplus from their income. Different reasons can be attributed to it- a sudden increase in debt, high living lifestyle, job situation where […]

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Is Hedging With ETFs Viable?

In India Exchange-Traded Funds were launched years ago but it did not gain much of prominence primarily due to the out-performance of active fund managers and few other factors. However, investors have shown a keen interest in these products ever since Gold ETFs came into existence. Riding on the success of these, even the  government […]

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Estate Planning With Private Trust- Part 3

This part of the article covers aspects on dissolution of private trust, concept of a living trust, a checklist for trust creation and situations where creation of a trust can be really helpful. Read through the last and final part of the series on private trust creation.

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Estate Planning With Private Trust-Part 2

Taxation of Private Trust Although there is a lot of consideration before a private trust can be created one very important element which is required to be addressed is the taxation. The primary reason is that income of a private trust is taxed differently in different structures and any ineffective planning can lead to maximization […]

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