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Tips For Buying Home Insurance

Selecting Home Insurance Policy

Home Insurance by and large has remained a low propriety among us. One of the main reasons for this is the low awareness and low ratio of risk occurrence. But frequent natural calamities like in recent times and  increase of  theft and burglary has raised a major concern towards financial loss arising from such risks.Many a times it have a long lasting impact on our financial well-being. Continue reading…

Estate Planning Issues With Special Needs Children Families

Special Needs Children Estate plan

While leaving a legacy for your loved ones special needs children families have much higher concerns. Considering the support required by the special needs child and requirement for other family members, especially when there is a second child, the absence of an effective estate plan can throw up many challenges. The living expenses of the child for his/her lifetime, appointment of a suitable guardian, equal distribution of assets among siblings, meeting other family members requirements and many such concerns comes at the centre stage.  Continue reading…

Tips To Simplify Health Insurance Claim

Health Insurance Claims

Many of us face hurdles while claiming expenses from  health insurance policy. Company delaying the claim due to unexplained reasons and hospitals demanding a cash deposit in cashless claims are few of the common situations we come across. The concern are much higher when you are hospitalized and your family members has to run from pillar to post to get the claim settled. In worst scenario you have to won your claim  from consumer court. Continue reading…

How To Set SMART Goals?

Setting your goals in life is important. Without knowing the destination it is difficult to carve out any roadmap for your financial life. How best you achieve your life dreams rest on what goals you set in? This goal setting should start as early as you start your professional career. Although at a very young age say in […]

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How To Spend Diwali Bonus Prudently ?

Festival of Diwali is a joyous moment for all of us. It gives an opportunity to meet our fellow family members and friends to celebrate. It is also a good moment for the employees as they receive Diwali bonus from their organization. This additional money received is like a cheery on tip of a cake […]

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Monitoring Your Networth Is Important

In your financial health your networth analysis can throw many results. As you are progressing in your career your income also increase and you enhance your investments. Ideally, your networth should also grow. But many of us avail liabilities such as housing loan or car loan which actually reduces your networth. If you are not doing well financially […]

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Mutual Funds or ETFs?

Last year for the disinvestment programme PSU ETF was launched and not the common approach of public offering of shares. This was not without reason. Globally, exchange traded funds have proved to be one of the cost effective means of investing  and the interest is slowly rising in India. Gold ETFs were quite  a good hit with Indian investors

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Why Disability Risk Can’t Be Ignored?

While people often cover the risks to life and health, there is hardly any importance given to risk of disability. Most perceive this risk to occur only because of accidents. Since the number of survivors in accidents is low, the risk of disability is also considered to be low. As a result, when individuals plan […]

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Tips To Manage Money When in 20s

20 is an age when you actually start experiencing money management by yourself. From a college life to the corporate world, the move is highly significant for you. There is a self-confidence built up because you have been selected from a campus placement and a cherry adds to it when the salary is as per your expectation.

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