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What Is House Affordability All About?

House Affordability

Recently there was a report by HDFC Housing on affordability in real estate i.e. whether the home prices have reached to a situation where they are affordable by large middle class. The report mentioned that although the housing prices are higher the affordability of middle class has increased for buying a house. Continue reading…

How To Save More Money?

How To Increase Savings?

Frequently I get calls from individuals asking this question- How should I save money?. Many of them started with a lucrative career but after a while, they find it difficult to generate enough surplus from their income. Different reasons can be attributed to it- a sudden increase in debt, high living lifestyle, job situation where hardly any  raise in income etc.. Continue reading…

Is Hedging With ETFs Viable?

Hedging ETFs

In India Exchange-Traded Funds were launched years ago but it did not gain much of prominence primarily due to the out-performance of active fund managers and few other factors. However, investors have shown a keen interest in these products ever since Gold ETFs came into existence. Riding on the success of these, even the  government have realized its effectiveness when it executed disinvestment process completely through ETFs. Continue reading…

Estate Planning With Private Trust- Part 3

This part of the article covers aspects on dissolution of private trust, concept of a living trust, a checklist for trust creation and situations where creation of a trust can be really helpful. Read through the last and final part of the series on private trust creation.

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Estate Planning With Private Trust-Part 2

Taxation of Private Trust Although there is a lot of consideration before a private trust can be created one very important element which is required to be addressed is the taxation. The primary reason is that income of a private trust is taxed differently in different structures and any ineffective planning can lead to maximization […]

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Estate Planning With Private Trust – Part 1

Much like a Will, a trust is also a very effective tool for estate planning. A creation of Trust benefits in many  situations where an individual wish to decide who control the assets and who benefits from them not only when they are alive but also when they are no more. Many Indian families are […]

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Union Budget 2016-Time To Start Planning

There were lot of expectations with Union Budget 2016-2017. There were expectations for increasing personal tax exemptions, increasing home loan exemptions and many others which matter most to the small tax payers. But few got fulfilled!!. In fact a kind of rumors also went around for reintroducing LTCG tax in equities. But Spared!!

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Managing Your Money Just Got Simplified

The Diaries and Excel have been the popular means of managing your money. Where tech savvy prefer keeping it in excel the majority of us still uses the traditional ways of keeping our financial records in diaries. But that’s not the case with Gen Y who want paperless ways of doing things. Managing money also […]

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Why Invest In Mid Cap Equity Funds?

Among various categories from equity mutual funds, mid cap has its own charm. This category is able to deliver very high returns when markets are doing well. These fascinating returns are what make investors go for them. But on the other side, they also get the most of the beating when markets are otherwise in […]

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