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Why Invest In Mid Cap Equity Funds?

Mid Caps

Among various categories from equity mutual funds, mid cap has its own charm. This category is able to deliver very high returns when markets are doing well. These fascinating returns are what make investors go for them. But on the other side, they also get the most of the beating when markets are otherwise in a bad phase. The variation between fall and rise can be huge in mid-cap equity funds which makes an investor think whether to invest or stay away from them. Many gets attracted to fascinating returns and overexpose their investments  to this category.  Continue reading…

Where To Invest Additional Rs 50000 of Sec 80C?

Tax Advice

In Union Budget 2014-2015, honorable finance minister rolled out a gift to taxpayers of this country by introducing additional  deduction of Rs 50000 under Section 80C. This was a good news considering  the income tax benefits were not reviewed for  a long time. Now under Section 80C, Rs 1.5 lakh can be claimed for income tax deduction from the income. Continue reading…

Why Reverse Mortgage Is Not So Popular?

Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage Scheme has been in presence for 8-9 years. In western countries, this product runs with huge success and is a preferred option for retirees. But in India, the same reverse mortgage had to yet take off. Not many are opting for it even though the goodies were rolled out in the second phase. Continue reading…

Now Your Advisor Cannot Say No To Direct Plans

With spat of changes in rules and regulations the experience of managing your mutual funds investments is getting smoother. Till recently investing in direct plans  was running with some hurdles especially for investors taking advice from professionals. The KYC was a lengthy process, no single window for investing and getting updated statement of account were […]

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Why Prefer Mutual Funds For Retirement?

With the increase in longevity, the concern of retirement years has increased. If not saved enough then there are chances that you may outlive your accumulated assets. This will jeopardize the  later years of life when you will need these assets the most. Hence, having a good retirement tool to accumulate good corpus is highly […]

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Should You Invest In Sovereign Gold Bonds?

The much awaited sovereign gold bonds are slated to open from 5th November, 2015. Considering the attraction towards this asset class in India the scheme is sure to get good response from investors. But it’s an investment and much like others knowing any avenue before you decide to invest is much important so that you […]

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Why Select Advisor For Fee Then Commissions?

This article of economic times Can You Trust Banks  put forth a very pertinent debate over Fee vs Commissions. Indulged in mis-selling of financial products the situation is derived from the fact that there are high incentives involved in selling a financial product. These lucrative incentives are high enough to meet the  3 times income […]

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Do You Know The Cost Of Mutual Funds Advice?

As an investor most of us are inclined at receiving free advice on mutual funds investments. It has been offered for a long time and even today many investments are brought at your doorsteps luring you to this free advice. But have you ever thought why in this world will someone give you investment advice free? If the […]

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6 Questions To Ask A Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor is a much-known word today. Be it agent, advisors or distributors each of them call themselves a Financial Advisor. As an investor, it’s difficult for you then to differentiate and judge who is the right choice for you. Although SEBI Investment Adviser Regulations 2013 have changed many aspect of it easing out the […]

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