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How To Do Annual Financial Checkup in April?

Time For Annual Review

Month of April is always a good time to do an Annual Financial Check Up. US has been celebrating it as Financial Literacy Month and this is not without any reason. Being the start of new financial year, April has many changes on your table which not only relates to your career but also to your personal finance. If you are a salaried then you will be gearing up for an annual review which may bring monetary or non-monetary benefits to you, the budget 2015 provisions will get implemented from 1st April which may change your cash flows Continue reading…

Union Budget 2015 – Balanced For All

Union Budget 2015

The Union Budget 2015 was more important for all of us. For the government it was a road map to show their seriousness while for us it was the expectation for relief from many areas of concern.Most analysis were debating whether it will be a populist budget or a future road map for a better India. In the end the budget 2015 delivered the latter. Continue reading…

Retiring – Invest With Bucket Strategy

Retirement Strategy

One of the biggest challenge faced by retirees is a defined investment strategy which can generate the desired post retirement income and can sustain for the life. Mr. Ravi Shankar has faced the same problem when he retired in June 2014. Without a proper investment plan he directed all his investments towards safer avenues which included fixed deposit, post office schemes, annuities, etc. etc. Continue reading…

How Changes In EPF Impact You?

Last year there were many changes bought by Employee Provident Fund Organization to ensure the life of subscribers of employee provident fund scheme can become simpler. The first change was the opening of online facility and giving a real time access to the EPF account. Now no more you are dependent on your employer to […]

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Options For Tax Saving in Mutual Funds

It’s month of February and  many will be heading towards searching for the last opportunity to identify any investment which can save you tax for this financial year. For salaried the high tax deduction would have happened by now but you still wish to get the refund when filing your returns in July 2015. Mutual […]

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Review Of Axis Long Term Equity Fund

Most of us would be looking at ELSS to invest for the tax saving we might have missed in this financial year. But these are equity oriented schemes and so the risk of volatility will always be there. The risk can also vary based on exposure of schemes within various sectors of equity markets. Hence, it’s […]

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MF Utility Simplifies Online Investing

With launch of mutual fund utility, the ease of investing has arrived. Why I say so? Because mutual funds investment is probably the only avenue where online investing hasn’t gathered much pace. This is primarily due to the absence of a viable platform for investors. Some companies like FundsIndia introduced online platform and have been quite successful. But the […]

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Make Low Cost Investments In 2015

For deriving good results form your investments cost play a very important role. How much you will earn from your investments can only be assessed if you are well aware of how much is going to be deducted from your investments. For companies the cost is a means to compensate for various expenses such as commissions, marketing, […]

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New Year New Services New Offers

Its 2015 and I am sure many of us would have made a beginning with new aspirations, new energy and new ideas. Each one of us aspire to have a much better personal and professional life and so we would have planned for improving them this year. But without improving your financial life well-being is difficult to […]

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