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6 Questions To Ask A Financial Advisor

Ask Questions!!

Financial Advisor is a much-known word today. Be it agent, advisors or distributors each of them call themselves a Financial Advisor. As an investor, it’s difficult for you then to differentiate and judge who is the right choice for you. Although SEBI Investment Adviser Regulations 2013 have changed many aspect of it easing out the selection for you, still there are large number of advisors who are unregulated. You can even find quite well-known names there who have chosen to stay so. Continue reading…

What Is Probate Of A Will?

Probate Of Will

There are many situations when a Probate of a Will is required. In some states like Maharashtra, West Bengal and Chennai the Probate is mandatory. Sooner or later more states will follow it.  Considering this aspect appointing an executor in your Will becomes very important as he/she is the person who takes care of the distribution of your estate and is the person who applies for the probate in the court. But a probate is not a 1-2 day affair but takes few months. Continue reading…

10% Now and 90% on Possession- Is It attractive?

10:90 Builder Scheme

Many real estate builders are now offering this scheme wherein you pay 10% of the property value at the time of booking and the rest 90% amount can be paid when you take the possession. Prima facie it looks a win-win situation for both. Buyers pay only a small amount at booking while the builder gets a decent amount of cash to start the project. This arrangement has been working good for quite a few real estate companies. Continue reading…

Have You Prepared Z-Kitbag For Managing Your Finances?

Z-Kitbag is a framework used by military for planning their task. It’s one of the strongest element of their preparations.By using this framework military aims to capture and avoid any  missing elements which may jeopardize  their complicated operations.  Z-Kitbag is used at various levels in the army to put forth the explanation of the task […]

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9 Tech Tools Which Makes Your Life Simpler

With  smart phones and extensive use of digital platforms we are in a scenario where we have to either be sharp at our memory or we need more time to manage our assets. Email Ids, bank accounts, social media profiles- home and officially separately, demat-trading account, mutual fund investments, ITR filing and  increase the list with […]

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These Changes In NPS Benefits You

Initially the New Pension Scheme received a very lukewarm response from the investors with not many subscribing to it. There were many considerations which had more drawbacks then its benefits. EPF or Employee provident fund was still a more lucrative retirement product than this scheme. To make it more appealing the scheme has gone through […]

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Why You Need Emergency Fund?

An Emergency can strike you without knocking your door. If you are in job, loss of it can be a big setback especially at higher profiles where getting a new one is difficult. Similarly a medical emergency can drag you few years behind if you haven’t made any provision. There can be other emergencies where you […]

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10 Thing To Do When Out Of Debt Crisis

There can be different reasons which would have leaded you into heavy debt situation. To come out from it was not an easy task for you and so it was a long stressful situation in which you would have lived. But what happens when you get out from such a debt situation. Did you start […]

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Why And How To Invest In Direct Plans?

It’s being two years since direct plans in mutual funds came into being. Much has been debated on these investments as to whether they are really helpful for the investors or not. The intermediaries are against it since it threatens their survival while it makes a strong proposition for financial planners as it allows them […]

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