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10 Smart Personal Finance Tips For 2015

Smart Personal Finance Tips

We are reaching towards the end of 2014 and as you step into a  new year you will be making some new resolutions. It may be a career change, a house to buy, a vacation for family and others. While making such resolutions, most of the time, personal finance is left behind. It still does not figure in our top priorities and we have many reasons for it.  But it’s also a hard fact that the biggest reason for a stressful life emanates from our bad finances. Continue reading…

Review of SBI Equity Opportunities Fund-Series II

Mutual Fund Scheme Review

SBI Mutual Fund has launched SBI Equity Opportunities Fund -Series II scheme. It’s from the category of closed ended mutual funds. With performance of equity markets this category has gained importance among mutual funds houses. Many closed ended schemes have been launched and many will be in the forthcoming list. But why such an interest and does a closed ended fund like SBI Equity Opportunities Fund Series II really beneficial for investors. Continue reading…

Philanthropy- How You Can Achieve It?

Donation For Cause

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’ ” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Philanthropy has been talk of the town globally.  The urge to do for others is not only limited to rich and wealthy now as many small income earners wish to contribute to their society. The reasons are not unexplained. India has probably the largest population in the world and so it has to deal with many issues. The disparity between poor and rich is increasing as we are progressing. Continue reading…

Make Health Insurance Attractive

While buying health insurance policy we generally look at the benefits like hospitalization cover, sub-limits, company history, claim settlement  etc. Surely these are important factors and first in priority for selecting a good health insurance scheme. But there are and with time insurance companies are introducing benefits which are beneficial  to policyholders.

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Retirement Bring These Concerns

When we say we wish to retire now then it may not necessarily mean complete retirement from work. Many of us may want to reduce the hectic work schedule we are following for so many years. In fact it is always difficult for any of us to suddenly rest at home from the next day […]

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Tips For Buying Home Insurance

Home Insurance by and large has remained a low propriety among us. One of the main reasons for this is the low awareness and low ratio of risk occurrence. But frequent natural calamities like in recent times and  increase of  theft and burglary has raised a major concern towards financial loss arising from such risks.Many a times it […]

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Estate Planning Issues With Special Needs Children Families

While leaving a legacy for your loved ones special needs children families have much higher concerns. Considering the support required by the special needs child and requirement for other family members, especially when there is a second child, the absence of an effective estate plan can throw up many challenges. The living expenses of the […]

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Tips To Simplify Health Insurance Claim

Many of us face hurdles while claiming expenses from  health insurance policy. Company delaying the claim due to unexplained reasons and hospitals demanding a cash deposit in cashless claims are few of the common situations we come across. The concern are much higher when you are hospitalized and your family members has to run from pillar […]

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How To Set SMART Goals?

Setting your goals in life is important. Without knowing the destination it is difficult to carve out any roadmap for your financial life. How best you achieve your life dreams rest on what goals you set in? This goal setting should start as early as you start your professional career. Although at a very young age say in […]

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