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When Your Retirement Is Scary?

When Your Retirement is Scary?

The story of children abandoning their parents in their post-retirement years is quite common today. In one of the incidents I came to know and which actually inspired me to write this article, a known businessman with almost Rs 1000 crore business had given everything to his son in his lifetime only. Continue reading…

Why 1st October’16 Is Good for Investors?

Changes form 1st October 2016

Come 1st October 2016 and you will witness 2 big changes – Mutual Funds Commission Disclosure and E-Insurance. These two changes will change the way these two industries work. First, it is mutual funds where the commission of  distributors will get disclosed to their clients. Continue reading…

Why Direct Equity May Not Be For You?

Why Equity May not be for you?

When it comes to wealth creation than Investing in equities is a much desirable option. The probability of generating higher returns is much more than any other asset class. In fact in the absence of equities in one’s portfolio finding returns good enough to beat inflation and reach your goals will be difficult. Continue reading…

How I Helped ? – The Cost Of Living

The Case Prakash along with his wife approached me for preparing their family financial plan. They have 2 children and Prakash is the only working member. Both the children study in school at Gurgaon. Prakash stays in a rented apartment but has a house in another city which he bought 2 years ago with the help […]

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Why Emotions Should Not Rule Finances?

The financial decisions we take has a lot of emotions attached to them. Be it a first house or a first car, new member in the family or even our own retirement, the emotional aspect is always behind the first thought. Although in financial planning your financial situations have a larger say you cannot rule […]

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New Investors – Beware From Miss-selling !!

When you are a first-time investor you may get attracted to a lot of advertisement/hoardings/sales pitch where you are shown high returns. Any investment with such euphoria ends up with  more painful experience than satisfaction.

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How I Helped ?- Double Income

How I Helped: Is a series of real life situations which I am starting today. Here I will present you 2 real life cases every week in 500-700 words. This series will show you what financial issues can arise and what you learn from these  situations.

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What Is House Affordability All About?

Recently there was a report by HDFC Housing on affordability in real estate i.e. whether the home prices have reached to a situation where they are affordable by large middle class. The report mentioned that although the housing prices are higher the affordability of middle class has increased for buying a house.

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How To Save More Money?

Frequently I get calls from individuals asking this question- How should I save money?. Many of them started with a lucrative career but after a while, they find it difficult to generate enough surplus from their income. Different reasons can be attributed to it- a sudden increase in debt, high living lifestyle, job situation where […]

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