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Review Of Axis Long Term Equity Fund

Axis long Term Equity Fund review

Most of us would be looking at ELSS to invest for the tax saving we might have missed in this financial year. But these are equity oriented schemes and so the risk of volatility will always be there. The risk can also vary based on exposure of schemes within various sectors of equity markets. Hence, it’s necessary that to select any ELSS scheme we should do a detailed analysis. Continue reading…

MF Utility Simplifies Online Investing

Investing Online MF Utility

With launch of mutual fund utility, the ease of investing has arrived. Why I say so? Because mutual funds investment is probably the only avenue where online investing hasn’t gathered much pace. This is primarily due to the absence of a viable platform for investors. Some companies like FundsIndia introduced online platform and have been quite successful. But the most dissatisfied were investors in direct plans who have to take all the hassle of visiting respective  companies website to invest in the scheme of their choice. Continue reading…

Make Low Cost Investments In 2015

Low cost investements

For deriving good results form your investments cost play a very important role. How much you will earn from your investments can only be assessed if you are well aware of how much is going to be deducted from your investments. For companies the cost is a means to compensate for various expenses such as commissions, marketing, salaries, fund management etc. For investors it’s a hit to their net returns since  expenses are being charged from their investments. Continue reading…

New Year New Services New Offers

Its 2015 and I am sure many of us would have made a beginning with new aspirations, new energy and new ideas. Each one of us aspire to have a much better personal and professional life and so we would have planned for improving them this year. But without improving your financial life well-being is difficult to […]

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Review Tax Planning At Year End

January,February and March or JFM is considered to be a tax planning season. Most of us who have missed out in this financial year will plan for investing our money for tax saving in these last three months of financial year. But year end tax planning is an also an exercise where we commit mistakes. Not […]

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How 2014 Sets for Your Finances in 2015?

It’s time when we are preparing to celebrate the New Year 2015. Some of us have already booked for parties while some of us will plan to have family get together at home. Each one of us have our own way of celebrating. But all of us would be making some new resolutions to make our […]

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What Charges You Pay In ULIPs?

As equity market is rising ULIPs are again gaining some attraction. The insurance industry is also pushing with these products especially after new regulation.  Although the new ULIPs are launched with rules set in 2010 by  IRDA,  largely these products have been sold on three important  elements- High Returns,  High Liquidity and Combo of investment cum […]

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What If You Die Without A Will?

When you die leaving behind a Will you ensure that your assets are distributed as per your wishes. Barring few financial assets such as shares, a Will prevails over the nomination. By writing a Will you also ensure that the probability of disputes among your family members is reduced and  your heirs don’t have to go through the lengthy procedures […]

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World Disability Day- Are You Contributing?

World is celebrating Disability Day today i.e. 3rd December 2014. This event was started by United Nations in 1992 to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. Every year UN announces the theme on which the day celebrations takes place and theme for this year […]

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